My name is Srikanth (John). I am the eldest of two sons in the family. I first came to know of Shining Stars as a child, through my friends who went there to get help with their studies. I began attending in 2003, while I was in third class. I came for the purpose of flourishing academically, but what I found was far more. I remember the early days fondly, I was not only helped academically, but though the activities, friendships and mentorship, I was helped all areas of my life . . . it changed my life.

During my college days, I began to lose direction in life. It was at this time that I talked with my mentors from Shining Stars, and they helped me to redirect my gaze back to the right path. I knew what I had to do, and I made decisions that brought my life back on track. I was warned about the sacrifices I would have to make, and the rough road ahead, but I did not betray the conviction in my heart and I persevered. I left a future in the IT world (I did my B-tech) and I started mentoring young people, which made all the difference in my life.

John Srikanth Shining Stars

Now I am a full-time staff in Shining Stars, I’m privileged to be one of only two Shining Stars alumni to become employed full-time by the organization so far! I believe that I am fulfilling my purpose among the youth of Hyderabad, and other places too. What I received in my childhood and youth, I am investing back in other young hearts.