Annual Children Camp Report 2019

We had a wonderful four days at our ANNUAL CHILDREN’S CAMP, 2019, with 88 children and 23 staff and volunteers.

It was time for new learning for some of the children who came for the first time, and unlearning for some of the old children as the theme was CHANGE THE WAY YOU THINK. Yes, it was a great time for us to know the children personally and teach them intentionally, for this generation, to encourage them to change their thinking about their relationships, careers, self and living in this world. We taught subjects like Characteristics of God, Self-Forgiveness and Respect, The Cost of Discipleship, Rebooting your Thinking, Handling Success and Failure, some Bible Character studies etc. Many of the young people were given time to clarify their doubts about different issues of life.

Out of 12 teaching sessions, 6 sessions were taught by our own ALMUNI (two of them board members) and their spouse’s, two of the faculty were General Body Members.

At the end of camp, we were amazed at the response from the children. They shared how they would like to make changes in their lives. About 27 children made commitments to make changes in their lives and 25 children said that they’d be willing to go and tell others of their faith.

Here are some of the testimonies from the children:​

My name is Mounika, of 10th standard, from the Malkajigiri centre. The four days at camp was a blessing in my life. Here is what I have learned.

I never believed in Jesus, but in this camp I have learned that Jesus is The Great God, I have to listen to Him, I don’t have any authority on my life, I should live a submissive life to Jesus.

At first I was not interested to come to camp, but after I came here, I have learned a lot of things for my life with Jesus. I loved the camp and I would really want to come back next year. I have learned that Jesus even talks to me. I use to tease and bully my friends, but here I have learned how to treat my friends.

When we were learning about the cost of discipleship from Luke 9:57, the two words, “Follow Me” really struck me, I wept and decided to live a life committed to Jesus and be a witness to my family and friends.

My name is Bharath, I’m studying in 10th class. I am very mischievous. I had all bad habits. I liked roaming with girls and speaking bad words. I use to do many naughty things, like commenting about teachers. Recently also I had a very bad attitude and things got worse. One day I came and shared all this to the centre leader (John). John gave good suggestions and also asked me to come to camp. At camp I learned many things, like how to behave with elders and how to manage my time (I use to waste a lot of time). I used to have a lot of time, but I would think more about playing, talking to girls, dancing in class . . . all mischievous things. After coming to camp there was a lot of change in me. By next year camp I will change my behaviour completely thank you.

My name is Aksa (or Pooja). We came to know Jesus and I have been going to church from my childhood, and made a lot of decisions in church, to follow Him, but many times I failed. I have been coming to camp for the last 3 years, but this year was very special. I was in two minds about coming to camp, but after coming God spoke to me about two things. Firstly, I was praying about taking baptism – last year I made a decision but I failed. Secondly, spending time with God. This year I made a decision that I should have a daily quiet time. Pray for me – thank you.

Report of Annual Discipleship Camp 2017

Dear prayer partners and well-wishers,
Greetings in the most precious name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!
I take privilege to write the things that God is doing through Shining Stars and the way He is using you and us in establishing His kingdom.

First of all I would like to thank God for making the camp happen and then each one of you, who prayed for the camp and supported financially and in other ways. We thought we may not be able to run the Discipleship camp this year, but with faith and prayer we planned it, and the camp went well. We had 45 children and all of them had a good time of learning and fun. As planned, we had all the teaching sessions and with live interaction and discussions, where children had an opportunity to ask questions and clarify their doubts. Most of the children have taken a decision to continue their daily quiet time, spend time in prayer and to be connected with God always. All the teachings were focused on with the theme, “ONLINE WITH GOD” presented in the light of the importance of being connected to God in these evil days of this world. The subjects taught were Intimacy with God, Integrity, Contentment, Self-Esteem, The Power of Prayer, and an open talk on Boy/Girl relationships, separately for boys and girls.

It was a blessing as some of our EC and GB members involved in teaching.

Here are some testimonies:

Rose Janet

“Very interesting part in the camp is building new friendships, staying with them and knowing about them. I really enjoyed an amazing time of group games that were planned well. In the girls talk I have learnt that to depend and be connected to God for a good future. In the prayer session I have learnt how to talk to God, listen to Him and wait on Him. I am sure that if anyone attended here not knowing Jesus, they will surely know who He is and believe in Him.”

Stephen Livingston:

“Here in this camp I got to know some good things, which I will implement in my life. Here I got to know how to treat the parents and girls. I learnt to grow in God. I enjoyed the games.”

Venkat Ramana:

“I thank God for choosing me to attend this year Discipleship Camp. Here I have learnt who is real God and whom should we worship. I have learnt to how to have fellowship with God in my daily life.”

Jaya Prakash:

“This year camp was super for me and I have learnt more about Jesus and decided to stop telling lies and not copying in exams.”


“Here I enjoyed spending time with God in these three days, during the quiet time, and I have decided to continue the relationship with God in my daily life.”

Jessy John:

“From Jonah’s: because of Jonah’s disobedience, there was lot of problems, like the people around him suffered, he suffered, the creation (the fish) suffered, so I decided to be obedient and have intimacy with God. I learnt the power of prayer and I learnt more that God is always online and the prayer is like a WiFi to connect to God.”


“I have leant here how important to have intimacy with God and how to spend time with God. These are the decisions that I have made.

    To give priority to God in all my life
    To have quiet time with God continuously
    To attend church regularly
    To live a life of Integrity.”


“I have attended a camp for the first time in my life. When I came here, I thought it will be boring, but I can’t express how much I enjoyed in this camp. I forgot all my personal world here and leant lot of things, for the first time I leant how to have quiet time with God and spend in prayer. I have decided to be connected to God always in spite of any circumstances.”

Annual Discipleship Camp 2017

Dear Friends and Well-Wishers,

We are thankful for friends like you who we are partnering with to build the Kingdom.

Many of our children, youth, and even teachers eagerly wait for this season . . . the Annual Discipleship Camp. Our camp is a place for some of our children to meet Jesus for the first time – some to deepen in their faith, for some to check their walk with God and, all together, the camp provides many of our attendees, including the adults, a time to set their life with God on track. Children from various centres make new friends. It is an opportunity for our young people to increase their faith and Bible knowledge through group discussions, counselling, the teaching and activities.

This year’s theme is “Online with God!” and the dates are the 22nd to 25th of September, at the BCM campus in Ghatkesar.

Here are some testimonies from last year:

Stella Sonia from Shadnagar:
“My name is Stella Sonia. I attended the Shining Stars camp for the second time and I enjoyed a lot. I learnt more about God’s love and his sacrifice, Heaven and its greatness. I should put my self confidence on God. The life story of the Apostle Paul taught me how he served God and preached the Word of God to all countries. I decided to be like Paul, that I should give first preference to God in everything in my life.”

Shiny from Nacharam:
“My name is Shiny, this is my second time coming to camp. The one thing that has touched my heart most is, I should not follow the worldly hero/heroines but I should follow God as my personal hero like the Apostle Paul. I also learnt that I should think of others and should not be greedy. The teaching about quiet time was very good, that it’s important to be very close to God. May God bless my decision…”

I request you all to pray for the camp and support financially, as God leads. The total need is Rs. 110000/- ($ 1719) . . . and we are hoping to collect about Rs. 24000/- ($ 375) from the children as registrations.

Please Pray for:

  • Good weather
  • Many children to attend and be blessed
  • Health and safety of all the attendees
  • Wisdom in preparation and plans
  • The facilitators to be filled with God’s Spirit
  • Provision of Rs. 86000/- ($ 1344)

  • Sincerely,
    Peter Wiig