My name is Krupa. One can see the fingerprints of God on my life. My parents say that when I was born, no one expected me to survive, I was born 3 months premature. My mother, being a devout Christian, prayed for protection on my life. I survived the premature birth well; seeing God’s answer to her prayer, my mother dedicated me to the Lord’s ministry, while I was yet a baby. Of course years passed and I forgot my consecration to God, because life generally happens.

In third grade I started coming to the Shining Stars after-school tutoring program because many of my friends were enrolled there. I initially came back again and again for snacks and playtime with friends. However, God began speaking to my young heart through Bible songs and stories, and I gradually began to understand how much God truly loved me. I do not remember the exact year when I committed my life to Christ, but I know that it was when I fully realized my own sin and need for this loving Savior. Then I immediately asked Jesus into my heart.

Deva Krupa Shining Stars Centres for centres for Youth Development

Through my years in Shining Stars, the potential and talents in my life that I was ignorant of began to blossom. I developed my talent for music and leadership, as I signed up to regularly volunteer with children’s programs (e.g VBS). I can testify to nurturing solid relationships through this after-school program with people who have given me godly advice and have guided me through life as a young man in the big city.

During college, I began to feel the call of God on my life. I was being called to ministry. I initially had some doubts, but the confirmation, without much surprise came from my mother. She had prayed for this day and I committed my life into God’s master plan. I completed my bachelors degree in commerce and today, I am a full-time staff on the Shining Stars team and am being used by God among the youth. God had a plan through developing the many talents and leadership abilities Shining Stars nurtured in me years ago . . . glory be to HIS NAME!