My name is Isaac. I was born and brought up in Kurnool, AP, India. My parents are Christians.  We are 4 children to my parents.  

I completed my B.Th. and B.D from Berean Baptist Bible College in Bangalore (2002). And I completed M.A counseling in Care Institute in Hyderabad.

I Joined Shining Stars Centers for Youth Development on June 15th, 2002. Now I am working as Ministry coordinator.

  • I am overseeing centers
  • Conducting one day leaders meeting,
  • I conduct vision sharing get together with the Pastors and others in various place.
  • I conduct Sunday school Teacher’s Training Programmes.
  • I encourage leaders and teachers to work among the children and youth.
  • I give counseling to the children and youth.
Isacc Shining Stars Centres for Youth Development

I have been learning many things in the Shining Stars, like humbling myself, thinking about development in positive way, working with a team, developing in personal and spiritual areas, learning things when I teach children and youth. 

Serving young people by preparing them to become future leaders and allow them to contribute to the Society.

Investing in today’s children and youth is necessary in growing the body of Christ. i.e teaching young people to grow in their relationship with the Lord.

I am married. We are blessed with one child. Kevin is just eight years old, studying 3rd class.