Quarterly Report of January - March 2020

Jayasree’s Wedding

Jayasree, one of our Alumni and staff, who grew up from a very poor background, started with us when she was studying in 9th class in the Nacharam centre. She then further pursued her MBA Finance, during which time she was working as a teacher in the Nacharam centre. After completion of her MBA, she joined as a fulltime staff and served as an accountant for more than a year. God blessed her with a godly man (Pastor Prasad Joshu) from Eturnagaram, of Mulugu District, TS. Though her father is not involved in the family affairs (he has been away from the family), with all our prayers and support she got married on 21st January 2020. After the wedding she moved to Eturnagaram to continue the ministry with her husband, she resigned from Shining Stars. Please continue to pray for her married life and ministry. She is preparing to start a child development centre in their own church from the next academic year, and we plan to partner with them.
Jayasree Wedding SSAF

Bommakal Centre Children’s Picnic

Our God is so great, His works are wonderful, He makes things special, He is a mighty God, He is a sovereign God, everything is in His control and He is good. We can tell more and more because He helped us in our   Bommakal centre children’s excursion, He guided us though out our travel.  He gave good health and safety to all children and teachers.  All the glory to God alone. We planned to go to Bapatla Beach on the 5th of February, 2020. We stared in Bommakal at 5:45 am in our   TATA Sumo and it went smoothly until we had breakfast.  After breakfast, we started our journey again and  after some time our vehicle had a problem. Isaac (who was driving the Sumo) wasn’t able to maintain control as the sumo was dragging to the left side and it became harder and harder to drive. He drove it very slowly until they found a mechanic shop. At the mechanic shed, we found that the lower control arm bushing was broken.  We asked the mechanic to fix it, but he said the broken part can’t be found in that area and we have to get it from another city, about 50 km away. The mechanic said he was planning to go and buy some parts for himself that particular day and he said he can get our part too. By the grace of God, all things worked well for us, but we had to leave our vehicle with the mechanic as it would take until 7 pm to repair.  We praise God for saving us from danger and helping us to find a good, Christian mechanic. To continue the rest of the travel, a kind man, who gave us a place to rest for a while, arranged an auto for us to go to the Beach. In that small auto trolly, we traveled 85 km. By the grace of God, we reached the Beach by 3 o’clock, had lunch and the Children enjoyed swimming at the beach and playing in the sand for about 2 hours. Then we came back to where we had left our  Sumo. It was very late, but we praise God that we were all safe, and learnt that God is in control. We thank God for His faithfulness.  The children had a great experience. Below is an experience from one of the children.
Bommkal Picnic Shining Stars
Anji is a 5th class student. He wanted to come on the excursion and his parents agreed for him to come, but they changed their mind just before we left. When the centre leader, Laxminarayana (LN), came to know that, he went and visited the parents. Anji rushed to him and held him tightly asking him to take him on the excursion, saying Anna (brother), I really want to come and my parents are saying “no”, please take me with you and he got on to LN’s bike with bare feet. The parents were scared about Coronavirus, but at the end, LN was able to convince the parents and Anji was allowed to come.

Nacharam Centre Children’s Picnic

It was the 22nd of February, when the children went on a picnic to The Jalavihar Water Park, which is 18 kms away from Shining Stars. We hired a bus to go there. The kids were excited with anticipation. The children    enjoyed activities like the 3D movie, the mirror maze, body slides and twister slides and the rain dance. Later we gathered to have a fellowship meal. The children enjoyed a lunch together that the park provided. After lunch the children enjoyed more activities. like the wave pool. We closed the day with snacks given to kids. Sadly, the kids had to get back on the bus to go home. Many parents expressed appreciation for the outing and the joy it brought to their children. Totally 51 children and 11 staff attended the picnic.

Shining Stars Alumni Fellowship (SSAF) - Annual Report

On 21st October 2018 SSAF gathered in David Memorial High School, Taranaka. On that day the Shining Stars (SS) staff and some of the alumni encouraged SSAF to gather all who have completed 10th class with us every month to have fellowship. From October 2018 to   January 2020, we have completed 16 months and gathered 11 times. When we meet, we have focused on two things:

Relationships and Career Development. 

In Relationships, we learnt the importance of our vertical and horizontal relationships. How to choose a life partner and how can I be a better partner. These teachings helped alumni to clear their doubts, to make moral and Biblically based decisions.  

In Career Development we have learnt the importance of career and how can I make my career bright by being responsible for my education, job etc. We also included teachings on goal setting, time management, the importance of integrity etc.

In the last 16 months, the SS staff and alumni have given good suggestions on how to continue running the SSAF. 


He is from the Nacharam centre and now he is pursuing his degree 1st year. For a year he worked with Person to Person organization as an Assistant Accountant. When he heard the teaching on integrity, he started practicing it in his office and he shared, “I never thought about how important being honest, even in small things, is.” He is thankful to SSAF for helping him to grow even in small ways, like being careful not to use small amounts of stationery from the office (like paper and pencil) etc.

She is from the  Malkajigiri centre and now she is pursuing her degree 2nd year. Whenever she gets time, she likes to involve in the SSAF. She shared that here, the SSAF gives her spiritual strength and she is happy for being a part of it and thankful to SS for starting the same.

He is from the Nacharam Centre and now he is studying his Intermediate first year. When he heard the teaching on time management, he started implementing it in his practical life. That helped him a lot in managing his time and to use it in the right way. He is happy being a part of SSAF and is thankful for these opportunities.

He is from the Babanagar centre, he is happy by listening to the testimony of Margurite and Dr. Ravi, through their lives he got a few tips and suggestions to make decisions towards his marriage.

SSAF Annual Celebration

On 29th February, 2020, the SSAF gathered for an annual celebration. Seventy alumni from eight different centres attended, and it brought a lot of joy to all who attended. The following centres were represented – Nacharam,   Bommakal, Boduppal, Babanagar, Chilkanagar, Malkajigiri, Shadnagar and Itikyala. Along with these, the Shining Stars’ founders Mr. Peter and Mercy Wiig and Staff were with us (who had been away for about two years). One of the alumni, Mr. Jehoshapath (Nani) led us in worship. Later, all the SSAF felt it fitting to felicitate Mr. Peter & Mrs. Mercy Wiig, Mr. Premdas and Mr. Isaac for their services in moulding us. Mrs. Mervat, a guest visiting from the US, shared her testimony and encouraged all the attendees . . . how to handle life’s ups and downs. She described her own struggles and how God brought her through them. Mr. Deva Krupakar led the gathering in a fun game that helped us all to mix up. Mr. John presented the report of the whole year and shared obstacles and hardships faced while running the alumni gatherings and exhorted all the alumni to attend every month for the gatherings. Mr. Venkat Ramana and Miss Likitha shared their testimonies regarding the significant impact in their lives through attending the SSAF monthly gatherings. Mr. Moses and Mrs. Harriet Jemima Kiran (two of the senior alumni), shared their opinions about alumni and suggested all of the alumni to attend every month. At the end, we spent some time in small groups and prayed for one another and closed the programme with dinner after Mr. Bhaskar shared his testimony.

    • Had an incredible time together
    • Many felt happy on seeing their old friends after a long time
    • Worshiped our Lord Jesus Christ altogether
    • Whole alumni, together, honoured the Shining Stars teachers (staff)
    • Attendees were encouraged to lead or help for every month SSAF programs


He was preparing for his exams. He came to lead the SSAF program in the month of March. We are happy to help him to learn the skill of organizing through alumni. We felt happy on seeing him take up the voluntary responsibility to run the SSAF.

I (John) and Krupa felt happy on seeing Venkat Prasad as we were stuck with our responsibilities at a few instances and thus failed to take on alumni gatherings. But now, we feel we have some people like Venkat Prasad, Praveen, Karthik, Desiree, Kausalya etc., who are willing to work for SSAF.

Staff Development

In the process of regular staff development, we have given some opportunities to some of the staff to attend some seminars and trainings. 

Peter Wiig & Premdas attended a two days HR management seminar on the 28th & 29th of January, 2020 in    Hyderabad, conducted by the Christian Institute of Management (CIM) Chennai. They have learnt how to handle some management issues and make the organization better in the changing future.

Mr. Deva Krupakar, our accountant, attended a 4-day Financial Management seminar in Vijayawada during the first week of February 2020, which was conducted by CIM. He will continue writing some assignments to complete the 4 months module course, which will bring up his standards in managing the ongoing accounts of SS.

During the first week of March, all of the staff went out for a two days retreat, where we had a time of relaxation, evaluating the past year and planning for the upcoming year.

We also provided some of our junior staff further equipping in their leadership. During the last academic year, we have challenged all of our part-time (junior) staff, who help teaching in Nacharam centre, to take the TAFTEE course (following Jesus), which started in 2018 with 10 students, but is now continuing with 5 students. These 5 students are sponsored by SS and are really learning a lot. It has changed their perspective on the Christian life and made them more effective in serving the children.  They just finished book 3 of 6.

TS Centre Leaders Quarterly Meeting

In the process of developing our partners, we had our final quarterly meeting on the 18th of March, 2020. We met for half a day to have an evaluation of the past year and to think about the future summer plans.  

In this meeting, we taught a devotion from Philippians 2:1 – 11, on the model of Jesus’s complete submission to His Father,  regarding His purpose on earth, and the leaders were challenged to be committed to the work that they are doing and to the    purpose to which they are called. 

We have taught a session from the book called the PASSIONATE LIFE based on 8 life shapes that brings a balanced spiritual life for each Christian.  

At the end, we had a time of sharing and praying for each other.

Telagana Shining Stars Leaders

The needs of the ministry

Sl. No.Name of the item Approximate price (INR) Approximate price (USD)
12 office chairs6000.0080.00
21 musical keyboard24000.00320.00
31 portable generator for using in the office and other programmes40000.00533.00
4Water purifier for the Nacharam centre15000.00200.00
54 Desktop computers for various centres60000.00800.00
6Various software for the office use25000.00333.00
7Two ceiling fans for the Nacharam centre3000.0040.00
8A set of 2 wireless microphones7000.0094.00
9LCD protective box6000.0080.00
10Maintenance work in the Nacharam centre12000.00160.00
11Game equipment for our partners 35000.00467.00
12School supplies for the children15000.00200.00
13Scholarships for deserving children100000.001333.00
14Residential training for our partners244100.003255.00
15Teachers’ Honorariums in 2 of our centres176000.002347.00

SSC Children (who are appearing for their final board exams)

We have 13 children who are appearing to write their final high school board (SSC) exams from two of our centres, which are run by our full-time staff (Bommakal & Nacharam). Please continue to pray for them as their exams have been postponed due to the CORONAVIRUS pandemic.

Goals for the Year 2020 – 21

We would like to bring to your kind attention, some of the goals for the upcoming year 2020 – 21. 

    • To run 8 summer programmes (if we don’t need to cancel them in light of the present situation)
    • To run 25 child development centres in partnership with the church in Telangana and Odisha, including 2 with our full-time staff. And to continue to visit all of them, to develop the relationship with the leaders, teachers and children, and to train them
    • To conduct 3 premarital youth programmes for our youth
    • To conduct two annual training programmes (4 days each) for all our partners and centre leaders & teachers in Telangana & Odisha (if we don’t need to cancel them in light of the present situation)
    • To conduct 4 quarterly meetings with our partners in Telangana and 3 for our partners in Odisha
    • To conduct one day retreats for the children of all our centres in Telangana and Odisha
    • To focus on training our junior staff of the Nacharam and Bommakal centres
    • To conduct 3 staff retreats for the full-time staff in the process of training and developing them
    • To conduct one Annual Camp (3 or 4 days) for the children from all the centres in Telangana during the first-term holidays
    • To continue running the first-aid centre at the Bommakal centre
    • To conduct 2 Sunday-school/discipleship training programmes for the interested pastors, laymen and Sunday-school teachers
    • To develop discipleship material (3 month’s devotions for the children)
    • To conduct medical camps for the children in our own staff running centres
    • To conduct 4 vision sharing programmes to share the vision with the pastors and/or laymen, to teach the importance of children’s ministry
    • To take children from our two centres for a picnic
    • To assist in sponsoring some needy children’s education
    • To conduct the Sonja Memorial Essay Writing Contest for the children (6th class to 10th class) from all the centres in Telangana
    • To conduct alumni developmental programmes (meeting monthly once) and an annual gathering
    • To translate discipleship material into the Odiya language

Prayer Points and Needs

Please pray for:

      • God’s guidance during this pandemic
      • That the 10th class children will not be disturbed and distracted as their exams are postponed
      • The upcoming summer plans (VBS & training programmes), which became a question mark
      • God’s guidance in choosing our new partners (adding some to the existing) for the next academic year
      • That we will be vigilant during this season, to adhere to the government regulations (some having changed)
      • God’s guidance, strength and wisdom in fulfilling the above annual goals of the organization
      • God’s provision in providing our financial needs