Palvancha Centre

Palvancha Centre

Palvancha is a village that is adjacent to two major towns (Kothagudem & Badhrachalam) of Khammam district, AP. The area where the centre is located is remote from the main part of the village, very near to a big mountain and not many educated people are there. There has never been a place like this in this village for the children to go and learn in the evening. The parents take a keen interest in sending their children there, so it’s really meeting a need.
Renuka (who is in charge of this centre) started coming to one of our center’s when she was about 13 years old. She had a difficult home life. The father was abusive and didn’t want her to follow Jesus. She lived across the street from us and would come regularly to unload her burdens. She and her sister had found a shoulder to cry on. They would write scriptures in their school notebooks so that they could read God’s Word undetected. It was their lifeline.

After finishing high school, Renuka joined Operation Mobilization for a year and continued growing in her faith and capability of ministering to others. Soon after that, in February of 2014, she got married to a Christian man. This was a miracle in and of itself, as her parents originally wanted her to marry a man of their faith. Since then God gave them a beautiful daughter.

God is blessing and using her to develop others as she was as a youngster. Here are some recent photo’s of her and her center children (her husband is standing in the back with their daughter).


Bonthu Renuka


Bonthu Renuka,
C/o. Bonthu Daveedu
H. No.20-4-139, Hamali Colony,
Palovancha, Kammam District – 507115.
Telangana State