My name is Premdas Ponaganti, I was born and brought up in a remote village (Vennampalli) of Peddapalli District.

I completed my BA, English and I got my CTS from TAFTEE Bangalore

I have been working with Shining Stars since June 2000. It is a joy being a part of raising godly leaders and preparing the next generation in the way they should grow.  Inspite of abstractions, the vision of Shining Stars and the way it is being fulfilled made me to stay on for all these years.

The vision and the mission of Shining Stars also made an impact on my life as I learnt many new things as I teach to the young generation and that helped me to grow into maturity in my Christian faith.

Premdas Shining Stars Staff

I was married in January 2002 to Suvartha and have three children Shiny Prasana Desiree, Silvi Praharsha Blessie and Simon Peter Jasper who also being blessed by the activities of Shining Stars as they attend the centre and growing.  My role in Shining Stars is Manage the office and developing the teachers and leaders of the various centres throughout the year.

My personal vision for my role in Shining Stars is

– To develop the young leaders that they may walk with Jesus and lead many to Him and give their help back to Shining Stars.

– To disciple the young boys and girls as followers of Jesus Christ.

– From my experience I would like to teach the young people to how to handle the difficulties in life.

– To maintain and to teach the godly values in any kind of relationships.