Your being a part of SSAF and involving in its programms is very essential for its development. As an alumni we all have the responsibility of making sure it continues to function.

You can be involve in three ways:

1. Attending

    • You can involve in SSAF by attending its monthly gatherings.
    • You can participate in the annual carol singing.
    • You can teach some children in a tutorial centre.
    • You can involve in their training programms etc.

2. Helping people who organize

    • You can communicate with different alumni and let them know about the gatherings.
    • You can take care of the arrangements, decor, catering etc.
    • You can help with our various programmes mentioned ab0ve.

3. Organize

    • You can plan the program (venue, date, guest, etc.).
    • You can raise money for the programs.
    • You can recruit the volunteers and faculty.
    • You can oversee the programme as needed. 

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