A story was told about the stunted growth of a plant that was placed in different soils because the gardener was unhappy with its growth. The real reason was that the gardener did not give the plant enough time to get accustomed to the soil. Therefore the plant did not grow well and it did not yield fruit. If he would have kept it in the same soil, the plant could have grown, and in time, blossomed and given yield.

Shining Stars Centres provides support untill 10th class regarding a child’s holistic development, but it is after that that the real world begins. After their school days, a student enters a whole new world. Many things change. This causes fear and anxiety and a sense of confusion. As most of their teen life is spent in becoming accustomed to this new world, they have to make a lot of choices. These choices affect their relationships, health, career, education, goals etc. Many times, without correct support, they end up making the wrong choices that destroy them.

SSAF is an opportunity for all the children who did their schooling tutorial in Shining Stars Centres to continue having a relationship with us. The holistic development that you received when you were in Shining Stars Centres is also available in SSAF. The same people who counselled you when you were a student can again be contacted. The same familiar faces, the people you know and who know you well are still available in SSAF. We hope that you will grow in other fellowships, but we want to be available to support you as you need, like having a familiar neighbour next door.