A Testimony From Palvoncha Centre

Renuka, one of our alumni, runs a children’s development center in her own home in Palvoncha. She is always excited to share how God is being glorified through her center. We are always encouraged when we hear from her. This month, when we visited, all the 25 children wanted Premdas to see their marks records from the school. 98% of the children (from LKG to 7th class) got 99% marks in all the subjects. Their faces brightened as they showed their record books. “The parents are very happy, and now I have the grip to run all of the other activities too (including spiritual activities), with no fear”, said Renuka. She shared about one of the students, Aravind, who finished 4th class. His parents wanted to send him to a Gurukul (a government residential school) and they asked Renuka to coach Aravind to write the entrance test, which is a tough one. Aravind passed with good marks and got a seat in the residential school, the parents are very thankful and Renuka is happy that she could help Aravind to get this opportunity to study well. Please continue to pray for strength and wisdom for Renuka as she develops these children.