Likitha’s Story

This is an account of Likitha, a teacher in the Malkajigiri center, Hyderabad. She started off as a student in Shining Stars, then went on to teach. She wrote about her main intension in coming and teaching at the center. She says, “My desire is that every child must be reached with the gospel, even through my behavior and with my way of dealing with them.

Actually, from my teenage years I liked to teach in Sunday school. God gave me an opportunity here in the center. He picked me up and made a way for me to teach here, every activity in the center looks like Sunday school to me.

At the beginning of my teaching here, I thought I will come and give a small amount of help, but after awhile, I came to know that it’s my duty to take part in sharing God’s Word.

It’s wonderful that God excellently shows his purpose concerning the center. Today I commit myself, with a whole heart, to continue as long as the center exists here. I’ll work for the Lord.”
Glory to God!! Thank you

“Whatever you do, work heartily as for the Lord, not for men.” Colossians 3:23