Shining Stars Centres for Youth Development

Have you ever asked yourself … “What if we LOST the next generation, our children?”

Because we didn’t care enough for them; didn’t spend enough time with them; didn’t guide them at the right time; didn’t love them enough?

India is home to about 400,000,000 children and youth. What an opportunity to develop the next generation to their greatest potential, in every area of their lives.

But what if we don’t nurture them? What a threat to our future! These children are the largest forgotten people group. What a tragedy!

Since 1996, Shining Stars Centers for Youth Development has been helping hundreds of children and youth, in and around Hyderabad, through their holistic development and growth.

We are not a church, not a school, not a tuition point. We are much more than all of them put together.

Our Centers welcome children irrespective of religion, caste or language, to join our family. Our centers are a place to belong, many children call it “the club”… like surrogate families. Children come to our centers after their day at school is over.

Our faculty helps them intellectually, spiritually, socio-emotionally and physically. We strive to meet the needs of children, from the ages of 3-15, through after-school programs.

Come! Join our humble, but lives-changing mission.

Facts about India!

Population and People

It is the seventh largest country by geographical area The second-most populous country with over 1.2 billion people Children between 5-18 constitute about 320 million (almost the population of the USA). India has the most populous democracy in the world! Traditional Indian Society is defined by a relatively strict social hierarchy. The Indian caste system describes the social stratification and social restriction in the Indian subcontinent, in which social classes are defined by thousands of endogamous hereditary groups, often termed as jaatis or castes.


According to the International monitory Fund, India is the world's tenth largest economy by market exchange rates, and fourth largest by buying power. India is also one of the fastest growing economies in the world. It is now described as capitalist. The Bombay stock exchange is Asia's oldest and largest stock exchange. India has the World's largest labour force. India contains the largest concentration of people living below the World Bank's international poverty line of $1.25/ day. Bollywood is the equivalent of Hollywood and India produces the most movies of any country.

Languages and Literacy

  • Official languages: Hindi and English
  • Total of 1652 languages and more than 600 dialects
  • Total Literacy Rate in India - 65.38%
  • Male - 76.00% • Female - 55.00%

Major Religions

India is a secular country having all freedom of faith, worship and religion. Among the major religions in India Hinduism is the largest, followed by Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism, Zoroastrianism, and Judaism.