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Our Mission

Our mission is to develop children through longterm, holistic programmes, including partnerships, (with like-minded churches and/or individuals) that address their spiritual, socio-emotional, mental and physical needs.

Our Initiatives

ShiningStars India is a beacon of educational support, illuminating the paths of countless students. Through innovative programs and dedicated mentors, they empower underprivileged youth with quality education, scholarships, and skill development. 

ShiningStars India extends beyond academics, offering invaluable emotional support to individuals navigating challenges. Through counseling services, mentorship, and community engagement, they create a compassionate space for personal growth. 

ShiningStars India goes beyond the classroom, providing essential physical support to enhance overall well-being. Their initiatives include nutritious meal programs, healthcare access, and infrastructure development in underserved communities. 

ShiningStars India understands the holistic development of individuals, incorporating spiritual support into their initiatives. Through inspirational sessions, meditation, and fostering a sense of community, they cultivate a spiritually enriching environment.

Our Yearly Impact

Individuals were supported
Kids were educated
people were feeded
Charity events were organized

Staff of Shining Stars

We are like a small family with a variety of talents and skills which turns many to be the leaders of tomorrow

Your Donation At Work..

ShiningStars is committed to the belief that education is a catalyst for change, children possess limitless potential, and transformation is within reach for all. Drawing from our rich experience, we understand that when women thrive, they uplift their children and entire communities. Consequently, we are dedicated to creating a community where every woman and child can live securely, access the education necessary for sustainable livelihoods, and seize opportunities to build a stable financial future. Our transformative services are rooted in trauma-informed, holistic, integrated, and sustainable approaches.

ShiningStars envisions reaching and positively impacting over 10,000 women and children annually. Our goal is to foster flourishing communities, where cycles of well-being, security, and prosperity replace the generational poverty that has persisted for too long.

We Specialize In..

  • Running holistic centres.
  • Conducting creative Teachers Training Programs. 
  • Training and equipping our partners and their staff.
  • Conducting different seminars for the youth (i.e. leadership, pre-marital, career guidance etc).


I’m Sudhakar from Jargireddy Gudem. I have a desire to serve God, but after attending this training programme I realised that my calling is for these children. From now on I have decided to take tuitions in my area, so that I can help them to grow holistically.


I’m Ramesh, in my village, while sharing vision about children and their importance, one statement touched my heart, from Judges 2:10, “After that whole generation had been gathered to their ancestors, another generation grew up who knew neither the Lord nor what he had done for Israel.” After listening to this statement, my burden increased for children, and by attending the training programme, I learnt how to do ministry effectively among these children.


I’m Jayashree, this is my second time attending the Teachers’ Training Programme. I have learnt about goal and vision, how to plan and prepare a lesson before teaching, and the orderly way of presenting it to children. Especially about how to teach the application part of a story in a way that it moves the heart of the children. I also learnt about discipleship and how to invest time on children. I have realised many of my mistakes in my teaching methods and from now on I want to practice what I have learnt.


I’m Nissitha from Sirigiripally village. I’m very blessed to have this nice teaching to improve in children ministry. I learnt many things in this meeting: they are child psychology and understanding children in different age groups. How a teacher should be with a child (I mean a good teacher) and from now on I would like to practice all the things I have learnt to be a good teacher.

Sundi Srujana

I’m Sundi Srujana from Kotturu. I am a private teacher and I take tuitions. But after attending this training programme I had learnt how to reach the children to spread the gospel and to make them disciples of Christ. From now on I am intentionally planning to reach the children.  

Priyadarshini Surya

I am Priyadarshini Surya from the Gunupur centre. I am working as a teacher from Monday to Friday. By attending this training programme, I learnt how to teach a Bible lesson by using the lesson plan sheet. I learnt the importance of the preparation of the Bible lesson and making disciples of Christ. 

Devendra Naik

Devendra Naik is a farmer by profession but helps some children with their studies in the morning and evening and plays some games with them. He never had formal training like this. He said, If I had this training long back, I would have made a lot of difference in the lives of those children that I have been working with. Now, this training has given me what I need to take the children in a new direction.

Because we didn’t care enough for them; didn’t spend enough time with them; didn’t guide them at the right time; didn’t love them enough?

India is home to about 472,000,000 children and youth. What an opportunity to develop the next generation to their greatest potential, in every area of their lives.

But what if we don’t nurture them? What a threat to our future! These children are the largest forgotten people group. What a tragedy!

Since 1996, Shining Stars Centers for Youth Development has been helping hundreds of children and youth, in and around Hyderabad, through their holistic development and growth.

We are not a church, not a school, not a tuition point. We are much more than all of them put together.

Our Centers welcome children irrespective of religion, caste or language, to join our family. Our centers are a place to belong, many children call it “the club”… like surrogate families. Children come to our centers after their day at school is over.

Our faculty helps them intellectually, spiritually, socio-emotionally and physically. We strive to meet the needs of children, from the ages of 3-15, through after-school programs.

Come! Join our humble, but lives-changing

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