About Us

From Peter and Mercy Wiig

Peter and Mercy Wiig were the founders of Shining Stars. Their families intersected even before they were born. Peter's parents came to India in the early 50's and began working in Andhra Pradesh. Mercy's grandfather was a pastor of a church under the same organization. Peter and Mercy met and married in Secunderabad in 1994, went to America and returned in 1996, at which time they started their work among Children.

Peter had been under Campus Crusade for Christ, working with the project, "Here is Life Inner City", when he was in America. He absorbed the Vision of 'SAY YES' Centre's in Los Angeles from Mr. Dan Pryor, his Director. SAY Yes ministers to children through after school youth development centres. After their marriage, Mercy joined him and participated in the ministry for a year-and-a-half. During that time Mercy also absorbed the vision. They prayed, and decided to start a similar ministry for children in India.

On the 5th of March 1996 Peter and Mercy invited 2 children to their home to help them with their studies. Gradually the number grew and about 60-70 children started attending the after school centre. Along with the tuition module, they taught Bible Lessons once in a while. Gradually, many children started to follow Jesus. In 2003 a registered organization named "Shining Stars Centres for Youth Development" took birth from these tuitions.

In the 10th year the number of centres increased to about 35 in different locations. However, because some of the leaders were not running the centre's faithfully, and Peter & Mercy were not in the field for about 2 years, many of the centers were closed.

At present, there are 14 Centres running in different parts of Telangana. Four centres are being run under the direct leadership of our full-time staff, while the rest are being run in partnership with other churches and individuals. The centres have their own time table for each day. Along with the help in studies, we also organize different holistic developmental activities throughout the week. We have Bible lessons, discipleship lessons and moral stories being taught once in a week. In addition, we play games, take them on outings and have an annual camp planned for them. We try to give them a healthy snack every day. During that time they enjoy fellowship with one another. Now and then we also invite professionals to come to the centre and share with the children about their profession and how to get in to that.

Many children are being benefited by the centre activities and there are many sincere commitments to the Lord Jesus Christ. After they accept the Lord we lead them through the discipleship program.

Peter & Mercy live in Nacharam, at VST Colony, where the central office of Shining Stars is located. They are Blessed with 3 sons who study at one of the International Schools named 'Hebron' in Ooty, TN, India. Josiah, the eldest, is 18, Stephen is 16 and Caleb is 13.


  • Christ-centered - helping children become independently dependent on Jesus Christ
  • Focus on the whole child - making disciples, intentionally addressing all areas of the child's life; intellectual, spiritual, socio-emotional, physical
  • Church-based - the Church is the body of Christ. Leadership of the center shall come from the local church as much as possible
  • Long-term commitment - producing a generation of godly young men & women who will influence their communities