Monthly Report of July 2022

Dear Friends,

It’s the beginning of the academic year. This means that centres are starting up. Some will be new, and others, who we have been partnering with already. In this edition, we’ll let you know what happened in June and our ongoing plans for July. If you have any questions, please contact us.

We would appreciate your prayers, for the Holy Spirit’s power, guidance and provision.

If you would like to make a general donation to Shining Stars, or specifically for any of the programmes.


Peter Wiig for Shining Stars (SS)

Some highlights from June 2022

Training Retreat’s: Before the beginning of each academic year, we have a training retreat with all of our partners. Our purpose is to help to equip them to understand and develop children and youth. This year we had one in Hyderabad, Telangana, and one in Gunpur, Odisha, from the 30th of May until the middle of June. We planned four days in each place. In Telangana 41 participants came, representing 19 centres, and in Odisha, 27 from 8 centres. Our hope is to run/partner with 30 centres this year.

We teach subjects like, Age Characteristics of Children & Youth, Effective Teaching Methods, The Basis and Attitude of a Counsellor, The Importance and Tips for Discipleship, The Components of a Child/Youth Development Centre, then some songs and games that can be taught to the children in their centres. This year we added “growth groups”, where the participants prepared and presented a lesson to their small groups, then we each gave each other feedback. It was a useful exercise.

After the training, we encourage the participants who would like to start centres in their location to go back and start, with the training that they have received. Over the next few months we go to visit the centres to encourage them and make sure they are on track. Subsequently, we will confirm them as partners.

We are so thankful to God that the costs of these programmes was completely covered by a generous donor.

Vision Sharing Programme: On June 21st we conducted a vision sharing programme in a place named Thirumalagiri, in Suryapet district, of Telangana. This is about 2-3 hours from Hyderabad. Fifty-five people attended this and many of them were really challenged (some even decided not to go to another meeting that was going on that day, in order to listen to this). Children’s ministry is neglected in many churches in India today. In the teaching time, the following illustration was used. “A glass is a beautiful and useful thing (like a child is/will be). However, if that glass gets broken it will be dangerous (like a child who grows up without the needed nurture).” A pastor shared with one of our staff, that it had touched him, and it caused him pain that he had been neglecting the children in his church.

Some plans for July 2022

Online Equipping for our Children: We want to make ongoing equipping of our children available. This is some material on various subjects that we feel the children need as grow and mature. Thus, on the 9th we have an online zoom meeting planned for any children in our centres who would like to attend. This week the subject of Soft Skills will be taught. This will be ongoing.

Discipleship Training: On the 16th and 30th we will have some training on some reasons and practical tips to conduct Discipleship in the centres. These will also be online and ongoing.

Vision Sharing Programmes: We have 3 vision sharing programmes planned in 3 different locations in Telangana. The costs for these programmes estimated at Rs. 16800.00.

Shining Stars Alumni Fellowship: We do our best to stay in touch with our alumni that have attended our centres. It’s impossible to stay in close contact with all of them, for practical reasons. However, in an effort to stay in touch and encourage them, we organize get-together’s and, at times, online training’s/fellowship. We would like to work this out every two month’s or so, this year. We will be organizing a casual get-together on the 23rd, with some food, games, and possibly with a small devotion to encourage all who come.

A Few Testimonies from our Training Programmes

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