Monthly Report of March 2022

Director's Note

From this year on 2022-2023, I would like to send/post a brief report of what took place in the previous month in Shining Stars, and what God is doing in the lives of the children. Then, what our plans are for the upcoming month and the costs (you are welcome to contribute financially, if you are moved to). We hope you are blessed by these communications. Please pray that God would work in hearts of the children and provide for the needs of Shining Stars. If you have any questions, please let us know.

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Peter Wiig for Shining Stars (SS)

Ongoing Ministry in Centres

This last year we have been partnering with/running 19 children’s centre’s (Telangana/10, Odisha/8 and Andhra Pradesh/1). So far, for March we received 11 reports, which represents 364 children (192 girls and 176 boys).

Here are some of the positive ways we’ve seen children growing . . .

Pallavi is studying in 6th class. Her father is a farmer. Pallavi is coming to our tuition programme everyday. She’s reading the Bible too, and is a very good student. Her family regularly asks for prayer.

Sandhya & Harika of 7th class, changed their habit of rote learning through a special programme (ASK) we conducted for the children on study skills. Harika changed a lot in her behaviour as well. Earlier, she used to be naughty, but now she has become more well behaved.

One of our partners, Mr. Binish Paul, wrote this. “Thanks to Shining Stars tuition, the children in our village have improved a lot. The children of our village have not been able to read and write Telugu, even though they go to Telugu schools. Many children have come to our tuition in our village and improved in their education. Not only reading and writing, they can speak Telugu as well as English. The activities they do in tuition have increased the discipline in many of the children, and they are learning good moral values. We are so thankful to God for introducing us to the Shining Stars and helping us in leading this tuition.”

Another one of our partners, Mrs. Elizabeth, conveyed. “The children are studying very well; they are giving more interest to mathematics. We also observed a change in their way of life and the children are very good at being polite to their parents, as well as the villagers, without saying any bad words. The moral stories are impacting on children’s lives a lot. We thank God so much for this change that God has brought in children through tuition.”

Sushma, one of our staff, shared the following, about two of her students:

Manoj, in 10th class. “We could say, August’s Manoj and December’s Manoj is completely different. He is really obeying what we are saying in tuition. Once, he used to ignore everyone’s words. Now, we can see more changes in his life, he is learning more from Shining Stars, and growing socially in his Behaviour. Coming to his education, he was neglecting, now he is learning and approaching me for doubts/questions.

Surekha, in 8th class. She is from a Hindu background, and came to know about our tuition from her neighbour. After coming to the tuition, she likes the activities a lot, and she encourages her classmates to come along with her. She likes worship songs a lot, and she wants to learn more and more new things and about Jesus. She accepted the Lord as her personal Saviour, and, by God’s grace, she has improved in her study skills.

Some highlights from March 2022

Anniversary of Shining Star’s (March 5th) – On March 7th we enjoyed a small celebration in the Nacharam centre. We thanked God for being with us all these 26 years and cut a cake for the children to enjoy (as you can see from the photo below).

Medical camp – On March 12th we had some doctors come over to the SS centre. 117 children came and the doctor’s explained, with visual charts, some helpful eating and health habits (i.e. healthy/unhealthy food, good teeth brushing habits etc.). Then they tested every child’s height, weight, eye sight, dental checkup, skin and overall health and gave some medicines.

On the same day we conducted the Sonja writing contest – Each year we host an essay writing contest in memory of a friend of the SS ministry’s sister, who tragically died. The purpose is to challenge and encourage some of our children to work hard at their academics. The winners win a prize that will go toward their academic fees for the next year

Nacharam 10th class banquet – Each year we usually conduct a special programme to recognize the students who will be passing out of 10th class (high school). On March 11th evening, we invited our 13 graduating 10th class students and their parent’s. We enjoyed a game, some tips from one of our board members (a former teacher) on preparing for exams and a nice dinner. The parent’s appreciated the time we are investing in their children. Below is a photo from the event.

Vision sharing – We have a desire that more and more Christian leaders around India will take children’s ministry more seriously so that the next generation will be properly equipped. Consequently, our goal for this year is to hold 25 half-day programmes in various districts of Telangana (TS) and Odisha (OD) in 2022/23. With that in mind, we held the five following programmes in five areas of TS – Suryapet on the 22nd (23 participants attended), Jainoor on the 28th (16 attended), Kondapalli on the 29th (22 attended), Kouthala on the 30th (21 attended), Srigiripalli on 30th (17 attended).

Below are a two of the many comments that came from our participants:

  • “I realized that everyone is equal in the sight of God. For many years I have neglected children’s ministry. But through this programme, I have decided that I want to take responsibility in working with children, particularly helping them in their studies and spiritually.”
  • “This programme was a blessing for me. I am feeling bad that I have neglected children’s ministry for a long time. I realized that this is very necessary and my responsibility. From today onwards I have decided to start this ministry.”

Half day retreats – With a view to the SS staff establishing a good personal relationship with as many of the children in our partner centre’s as possible. We strive to hold a few hours programme in all of our partner centre’s each year. The goal is to have a time of games, songs and teaching in order to share some of the important values of SS with them. The children usually have a really great time! In March we conducted two programmes – Polvoncha on the 23rd, 45 children attended. Jalukalva on the 31st, 25 children attended. See photo’s below.

Upcoming plans for April 2022

Two vision sharing programmes in Odisha:

We have planned two more vision sharing programmes in Odisha (OD) on April 19th and 20th. One of our staff (Isaac) and a partner (Suman) will visit two locations in order to share the importance of investing in children over the long term. The budget for these programmes (including all expenses) is Rs. 13520.00.

Summer Camps orientation programme for teachers & volunteers: 

On April 23rd we are planning to train about 30 teacher’s who will be participating in our VBS programmes for the summer. This will be an opportunity for us to train those who will be teaching the children to be more effective in their teaching. The budget for this programme (including all expenses) is Rs. 27000.00.


Nacharam centre Summer camp- 300 children:

From April 25th to May 1st we’re planning to have a Summer Camp (VBS) for 300 children in the Nacharam area. This will probably be one of the biggest we’ve done, as more children are coming to our centre than usual. This will be for all age groups, the excitement is building! The budget for this programme (including all expenses) is Rs. 97000.00. If you would particularly like to sponsor all, or part of one day’s snack, it would be Rs. 6000.00.