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“To continue staying connected with Shining Stars.”


SSAF is an opportunity for all the children who did their schooling tutorial in Shining Stars Centres to continue having a relationship with it.

Nacharam Centre

He was preparing for his exams. He came to lead the SSAF program in the month of March. We are happy to help him to learn the skill of organizing through alumni. We felt happy on seeing him take up the voluntary responsibility to run the SSAF.

~ Venkat Ramana

Malkajigiri Centre

She is from the Malkajigiri centre and now she is pursuing her degree 2nd year. Whenever she gets time, she likes to involve in the SSAF. She shared that here, the SSAF gives her spiritual strength and she is happy for being a part of it and thankful to SS for starting the same.

~ Likitha

You being a part of SSAF and involving in its programs is very essential for its development. As an alumni we all have the responsibility of making sure it continues to function.

You can involve in three ways:

1. Attending

2. Helping people who organize

3. Organize