Hi everyone, I’m Varakala Shiva, a qualified Chartered Accountant (CA). I secured this in the name of Jesus. I’ll explain how it came about?
From childhood (i.e. from 1st class onwards, in 2002) I started coming to Shining Stars (SS) with my sister. At that time the centre leader was Binnu.
Until 7th class I used to come to SS only for snacks, games, studying, trips (picnics). In 8th class I have joined the discipleship class, which was taken by Premdas, Issac and Aruna. From that day onwards, until now, I started praying to God, in the name of Jesus.
When I started believing in God, I have faced so many struggles in my life. Till now also, I don’t have freedom to read the Bible in my house, not allowed to go to church etc.
One more thing we should know, that when we believe in God we should not expect only positive things. From that day on God will test our faith, to see whether, in your hard times, you will have faith in Him or not.
While doing the CA final, I didn’t even have money to pay the hostel fee. During that time God has provided money through Peter, it meant a lot to me – GOD IS OUR PROVIDER! When we have faith in God, He will help in some way or other.
Recently I have completed the Taftee Bible course with the encouragement of Peter. The course helped me a lot. I’m growing more in Jesus, day by day.
In one simple word, “If there is no Shining Stars, we are not there.”
Shining Stars is a holy place for us, which is giving life to each and every child, spreading the Gospel of God.
Now I could proudly say, that I’m also part of spreading the Gospel of God wherever I get the opportunity. “Just keep faith on Him, and He will take care everything.”❤️


Nacharam Centre

He was preparing for his exams. He came to lead the SSAF program in the month of March. We are happy to help him to learn the skill of organizing through alumni. We felt happy on seeing him take up the voluntary responsibility to run the SSAF.

~ Venkat Ramana

Malkajigiri Centre

She is from the Malkajigiri centre and now she is pursuing her degree 2nd year. Whenever she gets time, she likes to involve in the SSAF. She shared that here, the SSAF gives her spiritual strength and she is happy for being a part of it and thankful to SS for starting the same.

~ Likitha