Monthly Report of May 2022

A new opportunity to give

Our goal is to partner with 29 centres in 3 states this year. Partnering includes the following:

  • Sending monthly support to each centre (including a small matching fund)
  • An annual gift to all of the children and teachers in our centres
  • Ongoing training of the teachers and leaders, in order to equip them for developing children
  • A monthly honorarium to our Field Coordinators (FC), who assist us in visiting the center’s, to encourage and strengthen the leader’s and teacher’s
  • Travel for 10 monthly visits for our staff and FC’s to visit all the center’s
  • Some teaching curriculum
  • Food and refreshments
  • Annual 3-4 day residential training (this has already been covered by a donor)

***We can do all this for about Rs. 8000 ($100) a month for each centre. Would you be willing to give a monthly gift of any amount, for this academic year, to help cover this need . . . until April of 2023, please let us know

Some highlights from May 2022

On May 7th, another vision sharing programme was conducted in the town of Jajireddy Gudem, of Suryapet District, Telangana. This is the 8th, of 25 planned for the year. Twenty-five attended the programme and our staff taught on the importance of children’s ministry in the church and how Shining Star’s is going about it. There was a positive response from the participants. 

Summer camps 2022

Our Summer camps went from May 9th to 31st in several places in Telangana. We conducted 6 Summer Camps in 6 different Villages. In many places, this kind of a program was new to the children. We reached about 315 children. About 20 teachers and volunteers were able to help. All the pastors and leaders where very supportive and happy to run these in their villages. The theme was Navigating Life.  We divided the children into small age groups, by age. Bible lessons, craft work and games made it a great time for the kids, and provided many opportunities to develop good relationships. The children enjoyed the songs very much too. The theme devotions where excellent . . . about how to grow and depend on the Lord in our everyday live’s.

This year we taught the story of Samuel Morris (Prince Kaboo) a young village man who travelled from Africa to America in 1891, as an 18 year old, to attend Taylor University, Indiana. His father was a chief, thus “Prince.” Tragically, he died about two years later, but in that time, he left such a legacy of faith, that Taylor came out of almost certain bankruptcy and is still flourishing today. There are statues on the university campus, in his memory, (my niece happens to be studying in Taylor now). Many children took the decision to be like Samuel Morris.

Some plans for June 2022

We have another vision sharing in programme in Suryapet district in June. So please pray that the participants come with an openness to the importance of developing and discipling children. The costs for this will be minimal. (Already completed)

The school year starts in June in India, so we plan to have two four-day, residential, training programs for our new partners. One in Hyderabad and one in the neighbouring state, just NE of us, named Odisha. These are quite costly, but by God’s grace, a very close and generous donor covered the cost. (Already completed)

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