It is our second meet of Shinning Stars Alumni Fellowship (SSAF) monthly gathering on Zoom, which is held on 31st July, 2020. About thirty participants attended from different places like Nacharam, HMT NAGAR, Anojiguda, Habsiguda, LB nagar, Malikajgiri, Bommakal, Shadnagar and few other places.

At Shining Stars office (main center), given laptops and mobile phones to those who wants to attend, but don’t have smart phones and/or internet etc. This is only done by their own interest toward SSAF.

Mrs. Harriet Jemima, one of the alumni and a board member of Shinning Stars, joined with interest to share from her experience on the subject ‘MONEY MATTERS’ based on the Bible. The programme began with the time of worship led by Miss. Pranaya (from Bommakal) and moved into the teaching session.

Mrs. Jemima spoke on how to be financially proactive in this kind of pandemic situations and in a day-to-day life within the family. Though many of the attendees are dependent children, are we a supportive in understanding our parents regarding Money Matters (or) else are we forcing our parents to fulfill our wants, needs and desires in these days. She encouraged the attendees to prioritizing in between urgent needs, general needs, important needs, and right away needs, which may help us to keep things in order. She said that this method can rebuild our resources in a proper way.

She also spoke on living with contentment and the identity in Christ.

As she concludes the session with few points is to be careful with money. It can make or break us. Use all the opportunities carefully by Faith in God. She encouraged not to take loans as loans makes us slaves. saving is important before spending.  

Bible says (Matt 6:33) But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

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