Shining Stars Alumni Fellowship Development

In pandemic time of COVID – 19, Shining Stars (SS) conducted a Shining Stars Alumni Fellowship (SSAF) monthly gathering on Zoom Meeting. Forty participants took part in it from different places like Nacharam, HMT NAGAR, Raghavendra Nagar, Warangal, Habsiguda, LB Nagar, Malkajigiri, Bommakal and Shadnagar.

At SS Office (our main centre), TV was provided to join the zoom meeting for those who wanted to attend, but did not have access to smart phones and /or internet etc.… being grateful towards them for their interest for being part of SSAF is irresistible

The reminiscent time of seeing Mr. Samuel James (one of the ex-staff of SS) after a long time elicited all people’s joy, desire, and interest to join on the zoom call. The programme began with the time of worship led by Miss. Tayade Likhitha and we moved into the teaching session on TIME MANAGEMENT.

In the opening statement, Mr. John Srikanth mentioned that he had not seen one who reads books as voraciously as Mr. Samuel James and the one who uses time in a very prudent way might have seemed to be an exaggeration until Mr. Samuel began to discourse the ways which he suggests to use the time well.

He spoke of many things in the session like, concerning procrastination which is a problem faced rather perpetuated by every person who was attending the meeting. He proposed a method called RAC which is abbreviated as Record-Analyze-Change which helps us to schedule our time because the thing that from the greatest man on this earth to the least man has not more than 24 hours is undisputed. This whole new method undeniably instilled insights into the people who were seeking a way to put an end to their procrastination. He also spoke of Eisenhower Matrix which enables a man to discern when to do what and when not to do the things not to be done.

He also proposed a juxtapose method of putting together the things in which we waste time and in which we invest time. Instead of playing video games, using it for better things like video courses was one of the examples. Such juxtapose really made them to think over and use their time to invest rather than for wasting. He finally gave three propositional things which were Salami Method (breaking big deals into minor tasks), Commitment setting (being determined to the commitments we make) and self-commendation (gifting incentives for self after achieving the thing we have aimed to do). The students who had recently completed their class tenth have been officially invited to the SSAF family and the already existing ones were exhorted to make the new-comers feel home.

The session ended with the official presentation of the website which was designed by the SSAF to take the fellowship and contact with them to another interface which is the  internet. It was really a beautiful and easy to access one to stay in touch with the people at SSAF and be updated with all the things happening at the SSAF. This was an amazing thing done by the SSAF for having extended their efforts during this pandemic to keep the people united and cognizant with the things at SSAF, because aren’t all the alumni rightful members of SSAF!


  • I am Vishnu from Nacharam Centre and I have completed my 10th Because of the pandemic situation, I am working for a part-time job, to help my parents financially. But, because of that reason, I failed to manage my time and ended up procrastinating cricket practice. I am passionate to become a cricketer, but today after listening to the session of Sam Anna, I got to know how to manage my time with not missing out on my cricket practice. I thank SSAF and Shining Stars for having held this session.
  • I am Shiva from Nacharam Centre and I have completed my 10th I always wanted to read books but was not able to endeavor the efforts towards it. After Sam Anna’s teaching on Smart Goals and Keeping Specific Targets in Time Management, I understood how to give time for reading books and how to choose books. I whole-heartedly thank Sam Anna for the presentation and SSAF for conducting this zoom meet.

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